The Web

The web, for the most part, circa 2017, is a heaping pile of shit.

It’s a carnival of bad taste.

It’s also distracting. It’s as if content providers wanted you to do anything except consume their content. Ads, navigation chrome, social media buttons, and “around the web” sponsored content are the main culprits.

Honestly, I just want to pay for my damned content. I know that we’ve yet to come up with a widely used system for micro payments. How much are websites really making from my attention? I know that as someone willing to pay for not seeing ads that I’m exactly who the advertisers are targeting. Therefore, by getting rid of ads I’ll probably have to pay for the missing revenue from people who aren’t willing to pay. But I can’t imagine that it’s really that much.

Social media buttons exist only because there’s not an obvious way to accomplish the same task. This can be fixed. I wish that in the mean one content providers would get rid of that shit.

I dream of a web where content is put front and center, where text is nicely typeset.